Cinemapp Cinemapp Slides Framework
  • For distributors

    Cinemapp Pro

    • panorama

      Capture & distribute metadata (Photo, video, press kits & more)

    • perm_media

      Control media lists, manage exclusives & monitor usage

    • event_available

      Manage & monitor events & RSVP’s

    • rotate_right

      Offer automated integration for exhibitors & other media partners

  • Macbook Image

Your movies deserve a beautiful tool to be displayed.

  • my_location

    All movies at a glance

    Collect all movies & metadata in a structured and organised way.

  • mobile_friendly

    Localised content

    Set local titles, release dates, synopses, posters, trailers and more. The system only shows relevant content to the correct contacts.

  • info

    Share media & exclusives

    Create custom media collections and share contents with specific contacts.

  • link


    Export release lists to Excel. Auto-generate PDF press files for a movie or generate a ZIP file containing your specific files.

  • show_chart

    Connect with Youtube

    Automatically load metadata, thumbs and previews from Youtube for trailers and videos.

  • event_seat

    Automatic video conversion

    Upload any video file, the system will automatically convert & compress all videos to HD, HD-Ready and SD files.

  • palette

    Automatic image conversion

    All images will automatically be converted into smaller version for all needs.

  • language

    Manage & group contacts

    Manage your industry contacts and collect them in relevant groups. Use groups to share files or send event invites.

  • face

    Manage events & RSVP’s

    Send out event invites to industry influencers, journalists and more. Keep track on RSVP’s and get metrics about regular attendees.

  • face

    Manage employees

    Add multiple employees & assign different access rights.

  • face


    Available in French, Dutch & English.

Available now.

Contact us for a full demo.

  • Movies & release lists

  • Movie detail

  • Custom download in multiple localisations

  • Advanced & smart file management

  • Automated image & video conversion

  • Manage contacts & employees


Currently active in Belgium. Expanding internationally soon.

  • Disney
  • 20th Century Fox
  • Warner Bros
  • Sony Pictures
  • Paramount
  • Universal Pictures
  • KFD
  • Belga Films
  • O'Brother
  • Lumiere
  • Distri7
  • Imagine
  • WW Entertainment
  • Paradiso

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    • Ben Goevaerts

      Director & Production designer

    • Dries Malfait

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    • Jimmy Van der Velde

      Head of editorial

    • Raf Geusens

      Content manager

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