Cinemapp Cinemapp Slides Framework
  • For exhibitors

    ETS: Epic Ticketing System

    Selling tickets becomes a pleasure.

    • web


      Manage planning, movies, sales, customers and more.

    • attach_money


      Sell tickets, food & other items.

    • bookmark


      Sell tickets online, let customers pay with ease.

    • star


      Self-checkout in theaters.

  • Macbook Image

Let your customers buy tickets online in under 30 seconds. Promised.

  • my_location

    Advanced programming

    Get instant warning about overlaps and other possible issues. Assign rooms, pricing schemes and setup when to open sales.

  • mobile_friendly

    Advanced pricing schemes

    Set pricing models, groups and get an overview of all sales per day, customer or item. software.

  • event

    Accounting integration

    Export to excel, PDF or integrate third party accounting software.

  • shop

    Food & items

    Manage food & other items with custom pricing schemes and basic inventory management.

  • info

    Movie management

    Manage movies & metadata

  • event_seat

    Event management

    Add onetime or repeated events. Attach multiple movies for marathons or exclusive screenings, manage custom pricing schemes and measure retention.

  • palette

    Customer profiles

    Allow customers to create a profile and even save their payment information to enable one-click ticket purchases. Build profiles based on ticket sales per customer and setup specific target groups for reactivation.

  • add_alert

    Rich notifications

    Get notified when rooms are getting full, events are booked or even when a POS is getting low on cash.

  • link

    Cinemapp Pro integration

    Movie metadata (posters, local titles, synopses...) from 90% of all Belgian distributors are automatically imported. You only have to input which movies play in your theater.

Sneak preview

Coming Soon to Theaters.

  • POS

  • Transactions

  • Pricing models

  • Movies

  • Planning

  • Online sales

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